About The Book

Ed Fuller delivers real-world advice on how to connect with, manage, and do business with people in any culture, including employees, suppliers, and customers who often have root in other cultures.

Ed talks with the Prince of Wales

He prepares you for this journey with guiding principles for avoiding missteps and for creating lasting connections crucial to every business leader:

  • Building relationships through mutual respect.
  • Earn trust quickly by delivering during a crisis.
  • Understand how verbal and nonverbal cues can make or break a deal.
  • Lead from the front and be willing to give yourself the tough jobs.
  • Learn the local customs and history in order to creative positive relationships.

Ed arrives in Cairo in Spring 2011 during the civil protests


Fuller, who grew Marriott’s international business from 16 hotels in 6 countries to 400 properties in 70 countries, explains how to navigate cultural nuances and language differences, unfamiliar geography, and frustrating bureaucracy.




This is a must-read! Every American needs to know how to work with others in this multicultural society. The diversity of the American business community has expanded over the past decades. As a leader you need to know how to manage and interact in our multi-cultural business environment. Ed Fuller has given you the guideposts, the pitfalls have been identified, and the opportunities are yours. This is an essential read for all leaders and one that I highly recommend.

Founding Dean
, School of Hospitality Administration Boston University

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